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Disposable Sterile Humidified Nasal Cannula

Product Description: Suitable for clinical oxygen therapy....

Disposable Sterile Humidified Nasal Cannula

Registration No.: JXZZ 20212080110

Application Scope: Suitable for clinical oxygen therapy...
Product Structure: The product consists of a humidification bottle, humidification liquid, dual-port nasal cannula, oxygen tubing, mask, nebulizer cup, ear hanging fixation, oxygen source connector, and ear hanging tube assembly.

Product Features:
1. The components of the Disposable Sterile Humidified Nasal Cannula include a humidification bottle containing humidification fluid. It undergoes wet heat sterilization to eliminate cross-contamination, ensuring safe and sterile oxygen delivery.
2. It is compatible with a float-type oxygen inhaler and features a straight plug interface, allowing for quick and convenient insertion and removal, facilitating healthcare professionals' ease of use. It is clean, convenient, and safe.
3. Physically barrier against bacteria, fully enclosed design, built-in sterile purified water, effectively avoiding hospital-acquired respiratory infections caused by systemic contamination of traditional oxygen humidification systems. It also filters out bacteria that may grow due to long-term exposure of the oxygen source interface and flowmeter to the air.
4. The sound-absorbing foam structure greatly reduces the noise caused by oxygen inhalation, ensuring the quality of patient rest and sleep.
5. The unique integrated three-way design allows for seamless and quick switching between nebulization and oxygen inhalation.
6. The nasal oxygen tube adopts a hexagonal structure design, which prevents bending and ensures smooth oxygen flow, guaranteeing the effectiveness of oxygen therapy.




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