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Disposable Sterile Urethral Catheter

Product Description:For routine clinical urinary catheterization....

Disposable Sterile Urethral Catheter

Registration No.: JXZZ 20212140310

Application Scope:
For routine clinical urinary catheterization.

Product Structure:
The product mainly consists of the tube body, tip, balloon, conical mouth, check valve, discharge conical interface, inflation conical interface and side hole.

Product Features:
1: Made of imported medical-grade silicone material, it has good biocompatibility, high flexibility, and a smooth and soft tube body without bubbles, ensuring safety and non-toxicity.
2: It is designed with an independent radiopaque line throughout its length, allowing for easy observation of the position of the catheter. This feature ensures safe and clear radiographic imaging. With a reasonable ratio of inner and outer diameters and a larger urinary lumen, the catheter allows for a faster urinary flow rate.
3. The balloon of the catheter is made of imported highly elastic and tear-resistant material, effectively avoiding balloon rupture;
4: The adhesive areas of the catheter are processed with advanced smoothing technology to minimize irritation and damage to the mucous tissue when inserted into the patient's body.
5. Due to its excellent biocompatibility, the catheter helps prevent allergic reactions, swelling, and inflammation that may occur when using latex or PVC catheters.




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